Our Philosophy 

Our philosophy is a whole brain approach with a focus on active learning. When learning with the whole brain, scholars will be talking, moving, and teaching more frequently than would have been seen in classrooms a decade ago. My goal is to instill in all scholars a love for learning. Along with using the whole brain approach, I frequently use trade books in all subject areas to help scholars develop that love for learning. Most importantly, I want all scholars to grow to love and honor Jesus as their Savior; therefore, I integrate God’s Word into all subjects areas.
— Miss Cassie Krug

Elementary school Team

K-1 Lead Teacher                               Miss Cassie Krug

2-3 Lead Teacher                                Mrs. Bailey Scriver

Math Instructor                                  Mrs. Kenya Wilcott 

Language Arts Tutor                           Miss Bev Harlow

Elementary Librarian                         Mrs. Valorie Compton

Vice Principal                                     Mr. Bryan Scriver      

Principal                                             Mr. Andy Van Weele