Curriculum Subject Areas

(P) Primary Level    (E)  Elementary Level    (JH)  Junior High Level    (ALL)  All Levels

God's Word

  • Old Testament (All)
  • New Testament (All)
  • Memory Work (All)
  • Catechism (JH)


  • Standards based Math for grades 1-7 (Kindergarten students begin with 1st grade Math instruction)
  • Pre-Algebra (JH)
  • High School Algebra I (JH)
  • High School Algebra II (JH)


  • Physical Science (P/E)
  • Life Science (P/E)
  • Earth Science (P/E)
  • General Science I (JH)
  • Physical Science I (JH)
  • High School Biology (JH)


  • Social Studies and Citizenship (P/E)
  • World Cultures (P)
  • Geography (All)
  • 50 States History and Geography (E)
  • Texas History (E)
  • United States History (P/E)
  • American History I (E)
  • Ancient History: Creation to Christ (JH)
  • World History:  Christ to Churchill (JH)
  • American History II (JH)

Language Arts

  • Leveled book and novel reading (All)
  • Phonics (P/E)
  • Grammar and Mechanics (All)
  • Writing Workshop (All)
  • Manuscript Handwriting (P/E)
  • Cursive Handwriting (E/JH)
  • Journaling (All)
  • Spelling (P/E) 
  • Vocabulary (All)

Fine Arts

  • Music (P/E)
  • School Choir (All)
  • Art (All)
  • Culinary Arts (JH)
  • Physical Education (All)

Foreign Languages

  • Spanish (All)