Principal to Parent

On Sunday afternoon, the voters of Lord of Life Lutheran Church unanimously voted to move forward with the school vision plan, and to call Bailey Scriver to teach grades 2-3 for the 2018-2019 school year.

We are so humbled by our congregation’s continued financial support of our school through their generous offerings.  

The following is an effort to help you understand what led us to these various decisions…

Why Mrs. Scriver?
Bailey is a tremendous teacher who already has several years of teaching experience.  Bailey received the same training that our current faculty received at Martin Luther College.  More important, Bailey’s teaching philosophy matches up with what makes Lord of Life so special.  Bailey is an energetic and caring teacher.  She values relationships with her students and the parents in our school.  Bailey has already fostered a relationship with many of the students she will be teaching next year by helping out in Miss Krug’s classroom earlier this year.  We are so thankful that God led Bryan and Bailey to our school.

Mrs. Scriver will have a few weeks to deliberate her call to Lord of Life.  There are many factors for Bailey to consider.  Attached you will find a letter from Bailey about receiving the call to teach at Lord of Life.

What Does This Mean for our 4-8th Grade Students?
This decision fully sets into place our plan to departmentalize the upper grades.  This is a tremendous blessing to the students and families in those grade levels.  Those students will be taught by Miss Schmeling, Mr. Scriver, and Mr. Van Weele.  As teachers, we will be able to focus on the subjects that we teach best.  At the end of the day, the students benefit.  Not only will they have a higher quality of education, but they will also be better prepared for some of the big changes that high school brings.  

We are Set Up for Future Growth
Perhaps the most important aspect of this plan is that our school is now set up for sustainable, future growth.  Through this plan, we will be less dependent on our congregation and therefore more sustainable for the future.  We will have a 4-8th grade system in which we can accept a high number of students, and maintain an extremely high quality of education.  

Furthermore, we have two teachers in grades K-3 will work closely together with one another and develop the curriculum to be team taught in order that even more individual attention can be given to the children in their care.

One Final Note
Please keep Mrs. Scriver in your prayers as she deliberates her call to Lord of Life.  Please keep our school in your prayers as we make this next big leap for your child.  Finally, keep spreading the word about our school as we are now in the season of open enrollment to the public.  We want this school to be a blessing to so many more in our community.

To God be the glory!

Mr. V