Principal to Parent


Happy 2019!  I hope all of you had an amazing Christmas filled with family and reminders of the birth of our Savior.  The faculty and staff are all looking forward to seeing the students back on Monday morning!  

As a reminder, the 2nd quarter concludes on January 11th.  Report cards will be sent home on the 18th.  

Regrading the Children's Christmas Service, the students did an incredible job of sharing their Savior.  For those who are not aware, there is sharable video up on both our school and church facebook pages.  The church page features up close video filmed from the balcony while the school page features live video filmed from the front pew.  
Church Facebook Page:
School Facebook Page:

I can't wait for a great 2019 for the students and families of Lord of Life!
Mr. V

Last week I received a call to serve as principal and teach grades 7-8 in West Salem, Wisconsin.  As with Miss Krug's call from last month, I will take a few weeks to reflect on my ministry here at Lord of Life, and my potential ministry at Christ-St. John's in West Salem.  

Through my years at Lord of Life, I've had several opportunities to reflect on my ministry to this school and church.  As always, I invite your feedback.  

I hope to make a decision either the weekend prior to Christmas or sometime over Christmas break.

have HEART,
"Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me."  Psalm 51:10
Mr. V

As many of you may have already heard, Miss Krug has decided to return her call to our WELS School in California and remain at Lord of Life.  We are so excited to have Miss Krug continue her ministry at Lord of Life and to the surrounding community.

Here is a brief message from Miss Krug,

I'm excited to share that I have returned my call to to teach Kindergarten and First Grade at Mount Calvary in Redding, California. As time went on it became more and more clear that there is still work for me to do here at Lord of Life. I thank you all for your thoughts and prayers during my deliberation

have HEART,
Mr. V

The puffin fundraiser raised $1700 for the school!  We are so thankful for all the families who helped out by sharing this fundraiser with others.  

Our school is so blessed.


No School
This Thursday and Friday due to Teacher’s Conference.  The faculty and I will be traveling to Marble Falls for conference.

Halloween in the Park
Candy!  Candy!  Candy!  If you’re interested in boring a bag or two of halloween candy for the school to hand out at the Halloween in the Park event, the donation box is located in the entryway!  I promise I won’t eat any of the donated Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups :)

Fall Festival
Mrs. Wilcott has also placed the signup for the Fall Festival on the board in the entryway!  We would love your help.

Gradelink Tuition Statements
The office has received a few questions on the online Gradelink tuition statements stating that their balance was zero.  The balance resets the 1st of each month.  So if you go in on September 30 it will show no balance.  And y’all thought you had an early Christmas present :)

Parent PTO
Attached is a flyer from Kelley Grant advertising the first meeting for the new parent PTO group.  The first meeting will be Monday!

have HEART,
Mr. V


Pledge Cards

Thank you to all of the families who have turned in a pledge card for this school year.  Whether or not you can give a little extra to help us out, we appreciate you and your love for the school.  That love was very evident when we talked about our situation at last week’s parent meeting.

A reminder that pledge cards are DUE by this Friday.  They can be turned into either of the tuition boxes.

if you need another pledge card, I placed a few extras on the table in the entryway to school.

Today’s Emergency Call

Today was our first try at our new emergency call system.  A few notes on the new system…

  1. It did show up as the school number!  Make sure you label that as Lord of Life in your phone if you have not already done so.

  2. Once you pick up and say a word like hello, the message playback will begin.

  3. If you did not receive the phone call this morning, update your contact numbers in Gradelink.

  4. It is essential that you answer your phone or immediately check your voicemail if you ever receive a call from school.  More often than not, it will either be because your child is not feeling well or there is a school related closure.

Our First Singing Date is September 23

A reminder the whole-school choir is singing in worship on September 23.  We would love to have all of you join us.  Students should report to the lunchroom by 10:10 on Sunday.

have HEART,
Mr. V