I believe that great teachers are great students. This is achieved through continuing education, interpersonal relationships with coworkers, and a vested interest in the student body. Learning about students and their background helps create a comfortable, safe, and productive learning environment tailored to students’ individual needs. Most importantly, God’s amazing grace needs to be the center of it all!
— Mr. Bryan Scriver
Every child can learn. Using differentiated instruction we look to reach and teach each student in a way that they can relate to each subject. This also means that we place an emphasis on combining the new methods and ideology from the constantly changing teaching world, along with the traditional methods that have been proven to work, for the advancement of each of our students. We do this all with a God-pleasing attitude and a focus on Christ in our lives and in our work.
— Miss Sara Schmeling


Lead Teacher (Grades 4-5)                          Mr. Bryan Scriver

Lead Teacher (Grades 2-3)                         Miss Sara Schemling 

Mathematics Teacher                                  Mrs. Kenya Wilcott

Reading Intervention Specialist                   Mrs. Margaret Limmer

Science Teacher                                           Miss Sara Schmeling

History Teacher                                          Mr. Andrew Van Weele

Principal                                                     Mr. Andrew Van Weele